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For a visit to the magnificent TajMahal of Agra, India has always been a center of attraction. Even if they do not have enough time for free time, visiting the TajMahal is an integral part of their itinerary. They enjoy this beautiful monument of true love to visit Agra on the same day. One of the most popular tours among tourists is the same day Agra tour by car as it gives complete convenience and convenience to roam every nook of the city. Tourists arrive in Delhi a day before or on the same day to take this tour package.

The attractions on the One Day Agra tour by car include TajMahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid and Baby Taj. Traveling by car allows you to visit the colorful and vibrant markets of Agra. A large number of tourists come to see this romantic city of Agra, this mausoleum of true love made of pure white marble which displays varied colors in different parts of the day. The TajMahal is a symbol of precise and magnificent Mughal architecture, which leaves an impression on everyone who bears witness to it.

This masterpiece of art was created by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor who promised his wife that he would build a mausoleum in his memory, which would be unique. Even today lovers are inspired by this extraordinary masterwork. The beauty of the TajMahal is highlighted by various colored stones such as crystals, jade, amethyst and diamonds which are intricately fixed on the walls. Tourists landing in India ensure that they take a one-day Agra tour by train from Delhi to admire the incredible architecture and historical significance of the famous past.

Agra is also known as the city of romance and the Taj Mahal Tour by car will allow you to visit not only the Taj, but other monuments such as forts, tombs, and mosques, which are well-manicured gardens and fountains. Surrounded by beautiful surroundings. If you plan to leave Delhi early, you can also enjoy FatehpurSikri on the way. It was once the capital of the famous Mughal emperor Akbar the Great.

Due to a lack of water, people soon migrated from this place. On the same day Agra tour you can enjoy the popular local markets for semi-precious jewelry and handicrafts. Food lovers can enjoy popular Mughlai cuisine cooked by trained chefs who learned these dishes from their ancestors. They serve these dishes in a way that showcases their sophistication and class. Therefore, when you are in this city of Mughals, you must try Mughlai cuisine.

Other places that form a part of this Sam de Agra tour, you will also have to visit these places-

1. Agra consists of many famous leather houses and marble factories. When you go to these places, you get to know how stuff is made here. The handicrafts in Agra are engraved here so closely that even the finest person will appreciate them. Shoes are also manufactured here and are among the main industries in Agra. Tourists visiting here can buy souvenirs for their loved ones.

2. By visiting the Taj, a monument with a lot of historical significance will provide you with memories that you will remember for a long time.

3. Apart from seeing these historical monuments and forts, your visit to Agra will not be complete if you do not enjoy the local markets of Agra and FatehpurSikri, which are well located on the Delhi-Agra highway. It is a World Heritage Site and an amazing abode which showcases the brilliance of Mughal architecture.

Therefore, plan the Taj Mahal tour by car and enjoy this trip with your friends and family.Add paragraph text here.

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